Standing around here in your comfort

Trying to find my place in your life I could live in

How’s this going to end.

We both know the kitchen is burning

Why do we always try and fix our problems in the smoky air?

I don’t want to go there

But if you come with me I’ll show you everything

When I was walking back to my bedroom

Stepping on ash from the ceiling like it was nothing but a hollow crack

Looking in the bitter haze, I see you with a smug look on your face

Then I knew we were melting

When I finally floated back down to see the mess

I was in the corner and you were slouched over the desk

It looked like we argued for hours and couldn’t resolve

Now I know that each fire that burns leaves its own charred mark



Draw you in my book

I’ll let the colors slide around

I’ll paint you in a blue

I’ll make a clean sweep through and through

I’m sick of waiting for my turn

I watch the paint dripping onto the tile

You’re the sun that never sets

I’m the earth that just watches

I’ve seen you in the sky, I’ve seen you dancing with the stars

Don’t let this go

Let’s keep the feelings close

If you’re glowing and I know it

I’ll find you in the crowd

What if we never had to change

All of our things we could just rearrange

We’ll move your things back home

If dripping is all we know

Don’t let this go

Let’s keep the feelings close

If you’re glowing and I know it

Because you’re my Indigo

I never wanted to get so attached

But when you’re pulling the strings I have no choice



I am a surgeon cutting you open

My arms are drenched in blood cells.

When I cut you open to see what’s been broken,

all of the tar on the tar on the top.

And your heart dont beat like it used to

All of the tar on your lungs

Oh if you get tired roll back your head

Close your eyes and sleep

Fall asleep

When I moved to your spine

To see what was inside

Sucking the bone marrow dry.

Under the thick hide

Your veins spilling inside

Stuck in the pathogens slime

Your heart dont beat like it used to

All of the smoke that you hid in your skin

Oh if you get tired throw back your head

Close your eyes and sleep

When they found you in your home

You were laying on the couch on your phone

And your brother asks you why

Slugs keep slipping out your eyes


D E A R  L O V E

I’ve written this a few times

So I know what to say

Words get jumbled in my head

Snapping at the phrase

I’m thinking sitting on the kitchen chair

I’m bringing you in

When you asked if we should take time to regain proper footing

And I lied so it would please you

I’m finding its routine

I’m sorry that I couldn’t speak in truths

I’m bending into you

If I relapse when I start

and I sink to the bottom

Just give me a few months

And I’ll try to fit this in

So I’ll write you a letter I’ll put my words on a note

The past years I’ve felt alone

And all you left me was your ghost

Just know now we’re both even

The earth is flat

It’s not a sphere or a ball

And the oceans were halved

Swallowed most of its ego

Now I’m trying to swim

But will I fall the edge

And the borders around you

That keep your skin in yourself

While I’m digging for you

I’m trying to figure me out

When you made the sun

Rise itself in the morning

Does it shine for you alone

While the earth keeps dying