The Nixon Tapes’ post-apocalyptic grit, clenched-fist angst, and wide-open soundscape will leave listeners feeling, reeling, and delightfully sore. Nixon Tapes’ sound offers a varied palate, from reopening wounds with emo flair, to softly touching down with sensitive tracks comparable to the graphic murmurings of The Antlers. The band doesn’t stay quiet for long, before callously rejoicing with morose lyrics and clanging guitars. Carson Hall formed the band with Taylor Neal and Brian Lester, and later added Jack Hoag to the lineup. Their 2016 debut record, Better Days, is a ferocious first release for the Jacksonville locals, tailed by Indigo, their 2018 EP. Indigo is an understanding of the role that colors play within the psyche, and the weight of responsibility we’re left with when the day is over.




The residual angst of adolescence, and the maturity in understanding one’s impact and responsibility, unifies The Nixon Tapes’ second official release, Indigo. Accepting, yet scornful, the record is self-aware, offering narratives of personal deterioration, and the emotions that can distort true reality. Wounded, but persisting, the second track, “Drip”, presents the anguish found in letting things go too far. Indigo refrains from forcing angles, allowing listeners to acknowledge their own perspective and relationship with the compelling EP.


Indigo will be released on Spotify and Apple Music on 1.19.18.




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